Chiang Mai Trek – Day Two

The second day of our tour began by waking up in our bamboo hut and seeing it in the daylight. After being petrified the night before by what creepy crawlies I might encounter I was happy to wake up bite free and looking out over the elephant camp was a lovely experience.


After we had breakfast it was time to take the elephants for their morning bath. Daniel and I were both supposed to ride one of the elephants to the creek but after I had got on, the big male elephant decided he didn’t want Daniel to get on and got up and started walking. Without Daniel behind me I was petrified. My body was shaking and I was sweating profusely as I had flashes of the elephant going wild and throwing me off his back and trampling all over me. Once I had calmed down from this, we reached a steep hill the elephant needed to go down to get to the creek. This is when my second freak out began and flashes of my falling off the top of him and having him walk all over me to get to the creek filled my mind.


If you look closely you can probably see the sheer fear in my face as we descended in to the water. Once in the water, and after getting off mr elephant as quickly as possible, we had fun splashing around with them and cleaning their backs. Everyone was laughing and this is where I truly felt the elephants were probably at their happiest too. They got to sit around and be watered down and didn’t have to carry fatties like us around anywhere which made me happy.


After this fun experience we sat around for a while not really knowing what the rest of the day had in stall.

Going with the flow, we jumped on the back of a taxi and went to visit a “hill tribe” who sold traditional hill tribe hats, bracelets, instruments and trinkets along with the ever traditional hill tribe power balance bracelets. After this we went “white water rafting” which wasn’t very “white water” but still fun nonetheless. We also went on a bamboo raft where one of the girls lost their camera and typical Daniel spent an hour trying to swim through the water insistent on finding it. The girls loved him for it but unfortunately he was not able to recover the camera.


After this we made the journey back to Chiang Mai which involved a stop at the “dung paper” museum where they showed us how they make paper from elephant poo. This was very fascinating.

That night we all went out for dinner and a few drinks which was a nice way to top off our experience of the last two days.