Zip Lining was AWESOME!

Kelly and I from the start of our Thailand leg decided that most of the things we would like to do were in the Chiang Mai area. This meant our 5 day schedule was PACKED OUT! So for our fist day we decided to take up the challenge of an afternoon zipping along lines 80m above ground.

Multiple companies provide this tourist attraction and yeah it’s touristy but that wasn’t going to stop me from having fun.

It was an amazing, exciting, exhilarating and the 5km worth of zip lining took you through the most dense rainforest areas. It was a real treat for the eyes and heart especially during the 800m long single line that took you for a real journey!

The adventure wound up after a short walk to a waterfall and a provided dinner. It was a true adventure, the photos as well as the 2 videos (One of Kelly and one in point of view) prove that!