Romantic Sunset at Koh Tao

Sometimes there are things that happen that words can’t describe and pictures won’t do justice.

This is the case with the sunset at Koh Tao overlooking the Koh Nang Yuang islands.

From Sairee Village, we took roughly a 30 minute walk to the viewpoint, heading away from Mae Head and Sairee. Getting there was fairly easy, just walking along the main road until you get to the viewpoint which you simply can’t miss. There were a few annoying hills and of course it is always hot, so sweat is inevitable. The viewpoint sits behind a hotel so you need to walk through the resort, and feel jealous, to get there.

Once at the viewpoint, already feeling as though we had found a really special place, we chose some rocks to sit on and watched as some travelers snorkeled through the water. We saw some crabs scuttling across the rocks and watched out for them for awhile as we sat and got comfortable in our little spot.

Where we sat was perfect and there was no doubt as to why they have named this location a “viewpoint’. The sun straight ahead of us and two tiny islands across from us – making the view even more amazing when the sun edged between the two. Little fishing boats dotted the horizon and there literally weren’t many words to say as we spent the hour or so watching the sun go down, changing the colour of the sky from every possible shade of yellow, to orange, to red and then blue. Even though there were a few people there, you couldn’t hear much as everyone was basically silent, marveling at the beauty of it all.

Once the sun went down, we hesitantly got up from our spot and began the walk back home. Night fell quite quickly which left us in the dark for most of the way home. Forgetting the torch was quite silly, and with both of us not being great fans of the dark, we decided to make like the little pigs and cry wee wee wee and jog all the way home.