BANGkok on the cheap!

This city has a variety of views on how expensive or inexpensive it can be depending on who you talk to. I am sure, as always, the seasoned traveller could save a penny where they wanted to and find all the savings in the world. For Kelly and I it was about exploration and savings all in one.

We chose to try and have a day in the city where nooks and crannies were explored in the cheapest means possible. This meant some walking yes, but if anyone is aware Bangkok in April reaches 40 degrees celsius at about 10am. As this was quickly realised we decided to make the most of the stupidly cheap public buses and boats to see the sights.

Despite every corner having tens of tuk-tuks and taxis desiring your service…and money…they can be troublesome and scamming. They in general, according to the locals should be around 100-150Baht for an inner city journey. Don’t get me wrong you can easily get cheaper than this but it seems the going rate. Although for us to catch the public bus, on a variety of routes was 6.5B. To us this saving was too great to pass down. We caught the bus 15m from our guesthouse and saw all the things and sights you would see from a taxi service expect for the local people going about there day, an added bonus for our eyes 🙂

The 13Baht journey round trip took us to “the most visited mall in Bangkok”, the MBK Center, to anyone travelling for goodies this place can be a haven. Unfortunately for us having to travel light it was more a case of look but don’t touch. 7 floors of Mayhem and maddness!!

Our next cheap trip came via the main river’s public boat service which we used as a link China Town. The 15B baht service also is remarkably cheap and efficient not too mention a great was to see the city skyline and surrounding infrastructure. As the boats stop at around 7pm a local bus was then hailed down and a road requested, with a swift nod from the driver we knew our query was met and we were on the way home.

Overall Kelly and I spent 34.5Baht for the day to see some of Bangkok’s best attractions. This town is MASSIVE and there is plenty to see but ticking off local transport, saving money all with an amazing 15Baht sunset cruise made the day a whole lot nicer.