Damaging Views

After having a day of relaxing after the Songkran Festival Kelly and I decided leisure was over and adventure was coming. As Koh Tao is quite small and mountainous there were multiple “view points” around the island.

SIDE NOTE – Thailand is very good at expressing these viewpoints on local maps, which signify a possible nice view, normally on a high location, which give great views of the area.

The view points were chosen and as we rose well past our desired wake up of around 7am we decided to not waste the day and head off in the cloudy mid morning. The hiking started at 10am as we wondered up the road of our guesthouse and sought some water for the trip. Not knowing exactly that any amount of water would not be enough. As the sun hid the first viewpoint was located just off the road along a walkable initially cement track. With delightful tropical scenery of palm trees and luscious grasses we trekked happily, up the steepest possible gradients that cement could probably set at! Seriously these walk ways made me think I needed a sherpa some guide ropes and multiple carabiners.


Steps leading to the top of the Viewpoint

Trekking got boring…quickly! As the pace dropped dramatically we finally dusted of the dirt from our shoes and looked closely upon what seemed to be a monks hut, high up in the mountain. Trying not to disturbed him we snuck around his place of residence to the view behind.


The view of a Buddhists monument and the distant ocean



The extraordinary view from the walk, showing the blue ocean and lush greenery.

Having the energy from the view I decided this wasn’t enough and searched for a higher vantage point. Leading Kelly to her unfortunate doom…after reminding her several hundred times about the loose rocks being slippery, it didn’t stop her. Walking down thankfully the least innocuous path of the entire morning Kelly threw the camera and herself to the ground.

Daniel: “Oh baby are you ok!?”

Kelly: “Those rocks are slippery…”

Daniel: “They are, aren’t they L”

With a cut to remember Kelly gracefully limped her way down to the bottom to was herself off with some water. As stubborn as I am I demanded another walk, and with Kelly being equally as stubborn she wouldn’t say what she really wanted which was to go home and back to bed to rest her wound…which meant, we went for another!

This one being much harder, as the midday sun had shown its face and the fact that there was no luscious canopy of greenery protecting my pale skin. We hated every minute of this as the sun beat our already burnt bodies. At the top the view was far short of breathtaking and to be honest my breath was already took! With Kelly in pain and nothing to see we cut our losses for the day and after 4 hours of hiking retreated back to the room for some cold fruit shakes and shade.


Our sweaty and exhausted poses from viewpoint 1.