Songkran 2012 – The Worlds Biggest Water Fight!

Songkran, Thailand’s biggest water festival, was without a doubt one of our most fun days traveling so far.

We got up quite early in anticipation of the event and even though it wasn’t to the scale we were to witness for the rest of the day, our street was already lined with Thai families with hoses, big buckets full of water and kids holding water guns full and ready. From our balcony we watched as people driving by got saturated with the water and even those walking past got an extended saturation.


As we made our way down we too experienced the first moments of Songkran as little kids with water guns down an alleyway saturated us with a clever concoction of ice and water. This was, needless to say, no match for our water bottles that took forever to fill up. Even as we used their water station to fill up they surrounded us and bombarded us with no mercy.


Saturated from head to toe at around 10.00 we got some breakfast and then made our way to a street corner where we started hanging out with some locals who had a massive hose – reminiscent of one that a fire fighter would use.

We hung out with this Thai family for the rest of the day. While it was quiet we had water fights between ourselves, also making regular trips also to the “cabaret” bar where the two brothers had a sense of joy in saturating the lady boys. As the day pumped up to full scale we laughed and laughed as we threw water at people driving or walking past, drenched them with the hoses and made lots of friends.


The energy and the atmosphere was really something we will never forget. Music blaring, people laughing, families having fun and being more than kind to share it with us, water everywhere. The streets were literally filled with people and everything by the end of the day was saturated. The festivities literally lasted until the sun went down and all in all it seemed as though every single person had an awesome day.




Thank you to our friend Cathy Malysse for the photos as we did not have a waterproof camera. Legend! 🙂