Krabi Town – a sleepy provincial town.

Many call Krabi a “sleepy provincial town” and Daniel and I often laughed at this phrase having no idea what it meant. However, after spending an afternoon in Krabi Town, we soon came to realise what the term meant and accepted that this in fact was a sleepy little provincial town during the day.

We were very lucky, however, to arrive in Krabi Town on a weekend as this meant the weekend market was on. We checked in to an AWESOME hostel called the Pak-Up Hostel and felt at home right away. There was a lobby area that played movies and had free wifi, two bars – one upstairs on the rooftop and one downstairs, a great shared bathroom and awesome rooms. While we still can we got a private room with air conditioning which was quite nice and settled in for the afternoon.

Once we were comfy, we took a walk down to the night market and were delighted by the bright lights and the hussle bussle energy of the place. What was really cool was that it didn’t seem to be just a night market set up for tourists to come and play. There were local Thai people everywhere from young families, to old grandmas, to young teenagers, using it as a hang out like we would the local shopping centre.

We ate street food which was delicious and cheap, except for some chicken I chose, because it looked like popcorn chicken, that turned out to be bad tourist karma as every bite we took was just the left over cartilage of well, we hope it was, chicken. The other dishes we chose were pad thai and some fried rice which was very nice. When we went back the next night we ate chicken skewers and sweet corn from a cup and had ice cream from a truck for 10 baht.



After having some food we walked around to look at the sights of “cool” kids breakdancing, “little” kids playing on the jumping castle and inflatable slides, “teenage” kids and parents alike playing carnival games for stuffed toys and shop owners selling their goods out loud in Thai.

The next day we went on another long walk checking out the sights of Krabi. We saw a nice temple, went to their shopping mall which was similar to Myer (price being similar too) and walked around some local food markets which was very insightful, colorful and interesting. We also walked by the river, attempted to avoid the heat and ate some nice food.

Another highlight was playing with little Thai children one afternoon which you can read about in the other post. They were adorable and it was needless to say that I wanted to adopt them and call them my own.

All in all, Krabi Town was a very relaxing place where all can go for some down time and not feel bad about it.