Phi Phi Island – Day Trip

We left Phuket from the Chalong Bay pier and set off on a day trip around the island of Phi Phi before we spent the night on the island. The ferry was packed with eager locals and tourist awaiting the 1.5 hour boat ride around the islands.

The first main island, Phi Phi Lei, was seen from the water. The main beach, Maya Bay, is where the movie “The Beach” was filmed and it was very very busy. As it is quite a small beach people lined the white sand as boats docked and tried to maneuver around one another. From other opinions, people say although the island is nice, there are plenty of other places and beaches to see.

After dropping of all the people who were stupid not to take advantage of the next opportunity we set off for a reef snorkel. As they lectured us about the dangers of not using flippers because people cut there feet on the urchins and coral we saw the scattered photos of people on the same boat in agony and bleeding profusely. The danger seemed immanent so I asked how deep the water was, after a reply 20m was thrown my way my thoughts of death vanished. Unless you are tied down with lead weights the likelihood of touching the bottom is very very low.

We were set aside about 1.5 hours to snorkel swim and lay at sea. We donned snorkels instantly and rather than waiting to step into the 20m deep water we jumped off the boat side as groups of fish exploded after being startled by the white water.

The snorkelling was amazing and the fish more than playful, we were able to touch them on multiple times. While we swam and played the water was warm and the views spectacular. We decided that it was time for us to take some dives off the side of the boat. As the dives began others joined in, particularly a family of French people who were loving the chance to exert some energy.

Unfortunately for Kelly she dives ear first and copped a sore ear for the next few hours. Not sure how, and don’t know why but thats her prerogative.

Pictures of our snorkelling adventure around Phi Phi Island.

The day then ended as we parted from the boat and began our walk to the booked hotel for the night…stay tuned for an update..hope the suspense is like the end of the second matrix movie where you don’t know who the bad guy is..!!!