A Day on Phi Phi

Setting off from Phuket saw lots of different adventures ahead. The relaxation was completed and the adventure is beginning. We managed to book a hostel before leaving Phuket because we have heard it is quite busy in Phi Phi, although when arriving the english man running the show hadn’t received our booking but he had plenty of space. It was a bit of a walk from the pier although we found out we were closer to the “party beach” once we got there.

The walk was tranquil and really pleasant, strolling along small paths and alleyways as we navigated our way along the meandering path. We ended up at a really nice bungalow hostel that provided some absence from the hectic streets bars and beaches. Quite a pleasant ending to our accommodation hunt.

The afternoon was spent watching the most beautiful sunset I could ever have hoped for, with the sun setting on the beach over the mountains of the bay. Photos were taken and beers drunk as the day slipped quietly away and the night settled in for a wild and elaborate party scene.

These are photos taken from the back beach on Phi Phi Don.

Dinner was nice but the real event was making the way to the beach front after 9pm where the fire shows began, people fire twirling and twirling and twirling and twirling for like 2 hours. Spitting fire, sparking flames and rubbing stupidly hot sticks all over themselves…for some reason. The music was loud and the people were drunk, a seriously crazy, adventurous and intense atmosphere.

When we got back to our bungalow, the night provided multiple moments of fright, as the person in the bungalow next to us lost his key for the second night in a row and without 24hour reception decided that yelling and screaming as he kicked the door down and broke a window was the best option….needless to say this scared Kelly, as I stayed strong and didn’t flinch in the face of danger. Honestly I was packing it hard!!!

The morning resulted in us getting up quite early and embarking on a morning hike up “view point”, a little mountain hike along a designated path in town. Up the almost vertical steps and ramps lied the most amazing view possible of the island, where both sunrise and sunset can be seen from the same location. The views were remarkable with the world looking like it was wrapping up like a blanket, infinity seas either side and it was one of those moments that you can’t forget and would never want to. It reminded us of how lucky we are and how there are so man things to see and do, nothing should be taken for granted or regretted.

Photos taken from the top of the 'View Point' trail.

Phi Phi for us offers so much tranquility and perfection as well as an obsessive night life. Lying around during the day enjoying the really relaxed atmosphere as people recover from the previous night. The beaches are nice but the atmosphere is perfect, it really feels like the place we could live in and enjoy the vibe portrayed.