Our Phuket in 416 words…

I feel this place goes to extremes from person to person. The partying people who aren’t backpackers as such, would have a ball as they traditionally do.  Diversity is not this town’s middle name, it does offer a lot though. It has the ability to have multiple attractions within a short drive although the name of the game is relaxation, beaches and drinking. Culturally I feel this town lost its innocence a while back and compared to Vietnam this place is much more open to tourists.

It isn’t as cheap as Vietnam but if you are coming from any other country in the world you will laugh at the prices. From Australia it is SOOOOO easy and cheap to get to and stay.

We spent plenty of time relaxing over our 5 days in Phuket as we had been working for months on end to pay for this extended holiday, lying by the pool and staying clear of the intense midday sun.

Luckily for us we were getting free breakfast, which meant for us the price of living was incredibly low. For the entire 5 days in Phuket including transport food and drinks we spent a total of about 4000Baht, which for the Australians reading is about $130AUD for 2 people.

The highlight was obviously for us when we got off our lazy asses and made the effort to see the Phuket town of old (Old Phuket Town). Taking the local bus by waving it down off the street and paying $1AUD for 50mins. It was then up to us waving off some desperate cab drivers looking for business and we chose to see the town by foot. Our aim was to hike “Rang Mountain”. Kelly quickly found out that a fake pair of Nikes would have made the trek a whole lot easier as she stumbled her way along the roads with a $6 pair of K-Mart Canvas shoes (no offense to the readers that were them, just warning you that they aren’t hiking boots if you hadn’t realized).

The scenery was amazing and the view was fantastic, as the photos show. We were really glad to make the effort, travelling by local transport and seeing a Buddhist temple along the way. The sweat was well worth it and it was a glimpse of what we hope the real Thailand can show us.

Little hint for those interested, smash the local pancakes from the street stalls. They are amazing for $1, loved the nutella version!!