31 Days to go…

Yes, yes, you read it correctly…31 short days to go until we leave!!

April 1st here we come!

We are so ready for this adventure, got everything planned, organized and ready to go.

Or not…

Okay, so with 31 days to go, most of you would be thinking that we are pretty much ready to jump on that plane. While we are mentally ready to leave and we are super excited, as far as travel plans are coming along. Oh. My. God. We are no where near ready.

Just to give you an idea, here is a short list of some of the things we have to do:

– Chinese visa
– Canadian working holiday visa
– Itinerary for China
– Itinerary for Europe
– Purchases such as travel packs, shoes, clothes etc.

Did you misread that? Are they the things we have already done? No. No, no. We still have to do them.

One of our biggest problems that we are finding is that we are no where near planners when it comes to holidays. We really just want to put our backpacks on our back and wing it. But everyone keeps telling us that we can’t and I can sort of start to see why. Even booking hostels for Europe which is still like 3 whole months away is becoming an issue as hostels have already sold out.

Anyway, as I sit here in monash library, freaking out, all I can seem to do is write blog posts and stalk Facebook profiles as I’m too scared and reluctant to start making actual plans.

Oh, but I did plan the going away party. Tick!!!

I would love some advice from seasoned travelers out there. How much do we really have to plan and book?? Any suggestions or ideas???