Travel Apps Make it Easy

Travel apps are great and today I am going to review some of the apps that we have been using to plan our holiday and some we just know are going to make our trip, and yours, easier!


Whatever you do, when looking for flights, don’t look past Kayak.

This app allows you to search a large amount of carriers for flights that you need and you can sort them to show the lowest price if you are budget travelers like us! You can then click a link that takes you directly to the page that allows you to book the ticket – all without really leaving the app itself.

This app also allows you to search for hotels and car rentals with ease.



Tripit is another amazing app that, although is a little mind boggling, is fantastic.

Tripit allows you to enter your itinerary and also scans your emails to find confirmation flights and other travel details and automatically adds them to your itinerary.


I really love Tripit even though at first I was a little skeptical. I couldn’t get my head around the idea of someone scanning my emails and couldn’t comprehend how they did it. Does someone read all my emails and pick out the ones that are appropriate or does it somehow react when there is a booking number etc. However they do it, I finally got over the fear and I use it all the time now. It keeps track of my booking numbers, flight details and everything. I’d be a lost loser without it haha.

Lonely Planet

Even though this app isn’t free and I’m not sure how much I would use it, it is a good app with lots of great information at the touch of your hands. Rather than trawling through the Internet or through a hard copy of your lonely planet guide, it is a quick easy reference that allows you to find hotels, maps and places to eat. All the goodness of a lonely planet guide, just in a more convenient bundle.


Urban Spoon

Although I haven’t used this app abroad yet, I am in love with it. It finds your current location and then hooks you up with all the good places to eat.

It’s free! Which is a great bonus.

As you can see from the picture below, and my example is Melbourne, it gives you all the surrounding suburbs that you can chose from, the cuisine you can choose from and a price bracket. I love it!!



Yelp is similar to urbanspoon but focuses on more facilities. You just choose your location and then do a general search either “hotel” or “hospital” and it will pinpoint on the map the locations! Another free app which is really useful as who can be bothered to fork out heaps of money for travel apps when they could be spending it on the things they are searching for! Again, I haven’t used this one overseas but if it works similarly to the way it does for your hometown then I’m sure it will be very handy in a foreign country while you are standing in a deserted street cos you took a wrong turn on your way to dinner!