Biking Around Europe

Our latest and greatest idea is to travel around parts of Europe by bicycle.

Yes, you read correctly – a push bike. One that requires energy, stamina and overall great fitness.

In Vietnam, we rode bicycles quite a bit and we really loved it. It was a great way to see the cities like Hue and Hoi An and it was el cheapo! It never cost more than 2 dollars a day to rent the bike and some guesthouses even rented them for free.

We also cycled through Angkor Wat which was amazingly fun too and you can read about that in another blog 🙂

(A photo from us traveling through the Forbidden City in Hue)

We are encountering a few problems when it comes to planning and logistics in Europe though so this post is going to be an ongoing one while we source ideas.

The first thing I have found is an article by Rick Steve:

Rick Steve – Bike Tips

This has given us a few ideas and got the ball rolling when it comes to our bicycle dream.

Rick has come up with some really good ideas and advice and one of these is quoted here:

Consider short-term rentals for bike-friendly cities or regions. Most of the tips here are for long-distance bike trips, but bikes can also be a fun change of pace if you’re traveling by car or train. You can take the train from Paris to Amsterdam, then rent a bike for a few days to get around the city…and out into the tulip fields and windmills. In many countries (especially France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands), train stations rent bikes and sometimes have easy “pick up here and drop off there” plans.

This a really good idea and probably suits us best since we have already paid for the busabout loops.

For now, this is where we will leave it. We will stew over the ideas for a while and see what happens 🙂

Another website I recently discovered with heaps of specific ideas about traveling by bicycle in cities is this:

City Guides for Cycling

Anyone else out there have any ideas for us?? We’d love to hear some stories, ideas or tips!!