Why planning is overrated…

It is always hard deciding what is better – to go on a trip with a cohesive plan or to go without!!

Last year, on our trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, in all honestly, we hardly planned a thing.

We purchased our plane tickets, we got some travel insurance and well, basically, we were on our way…

When we got there, carry on luggage only, we weren’t missing anything and for the whole month and a bit that we were away we literally were free to do WHATEVER we liked, whenever we wanted to.

If we thought we were ready to move on from a destination, we did! If we wanted to stay longer, we did that too!!

In this regard, the idea of planning seems highly overrated.

When planning our next trip, we realised quite soon that obviously, a certain amount of planning would not to occur. However, sometimes it seems that no matter how much you plan – nothing ever seems to work out!!

So many of the things we originally booked we have already changed.

Some of these we admit were our fault, some of them not so much.

For example, we planned and booked to fly in to the UK on the 22nd of May but because we are such indecisive people, within months we had decided that we were going to work the ski season in Canada and due to this needed to go to London a month after this date. The Schengen visa saga made us think  we wanted to travel through South East Europe before arriving in the UK so we could max out our time in Europe, so we are now having to change our flights which can become really expensive!

Planning also sucks when you are irrational like myself. Scouring through Air Asia, looking for cheap flights from Bangkok to Hong Kong, we found cheap flights to “Schenzen” – a region apparently just an hours train ride from Hong Kong, that we had never heard of and had no idea about. So what did Daniel and I do? Booked them of course!

BEFORE RESEARCHING IT? Is a question you may ask and the answer is quite simple – yes.

So what happened?

After realising that Schenzen was a completely inappropriate choice for us we had to ditch that flight and book flights to Hong Kong.

Wasting. More. Money.

So this, for us, is two examples of why planning sucks.

Do not get me wrong – planning is a VERY good idea and works a lot of the time. Just be wary however! If you are anything like Daniel and I, do not rush in to making plans before you know every little detail.

Also, don’t over plan, ever! While planning is necessary, for things such as visas and flights, planning your itinerary to the full is tiresome and boring. Do not be afraid to let go and just go with it!