Snorkels up!!

Through our hotel we had booked a day of snorkeling and we were super excited to see where our twelve dollar adventure would take us!

We arrived at the dock bright and early to tackle the dozens of ladies selling leis, chocolates and chips. As soon as we stepped off the bus, women flocked to us to try and sell us their goodies and we attempted to walk past in order to get on our boat.

At the dock I did buy some peanuts off one lady and had my first attempt at cracking peanuts for the very first time.

When we boarded the boat, we were anchored near what felt like a million other boats and watched everyone board as we waited to depart. We saw our friend Alex who had opted for a party cruise which had free alcohol and snorkeling and while we briefly felt like grandparents we were happy to go on a boat that had a little more focus on snorkeling.

Our tour guide was hilarious and his vibrant, slightly gay, personality really added to the enjoyment of the day. We spent hours swimming around snorkeling, watching all the fish and other creatures going in and out of the coral.

Daniel tried to teach me to dive under the water with the snorkel but I did not have much luck and after trying for 20 minutes or so decided to just refocus on the cute little fishies.

Lunch was also amazing. A massive smorgasbord of fish, noodles, vegetables and other yummy things that I can’t necessarily remember. After our feast and a little more swimming we had to head back home which was unfortunate but we were very tired.

That night we went for a walk along the beach and as we were walking we came across an awesome site – a wide open concrete space with hundreds of kids rollerblading while their parents watched on. The older kids did cool tricks with witches hats and they would weave in and out of them as the younger kids admired them, trying to get up to speed. Kids as young as 4 or 5 were practicing and it was very cute to see everyone doing the same thing while being so happy.

After our walk we decided we wanted to eat Indian for dinner and that’s exactly what we did. There was a cute little Indian place right on the corner of the main street so we took up a seat and ordered some food. It was so yum but so unbelievably hot! We were both sweating and our eyes were watering but it was so yum that we couldn’t stop eating.

Once we got back to our hotel we snuggled in to watch some tv and watched a documentary on how this girl killed her family cos they didn’t want her seeing her boyfriend. It was very comforting….