Long, long day…

I don’t think anyone could ever grow tired of a 24 hour bus ride. We arrived in Ho Chi Minh around 6am and got to stretch our legs for about half an hour before jumping back on another bus to head to Phnom Penh. When we got to Phnom Penh we again got to stretch our legs and eat some lunch before jumping back an another bus for another six hours to get to Siem Reap.

Arriving at Siem Reap it was quite dark and we were very tired so we both wanted to find some very close, cheap accommodation and crash for the evening. Still having robbery fears, which never left me while traveling on this trip, we opted to get a tuk tuk and asked them to drive us to a guesthouse called Rosie’s guesthouse.

When we arrived here we immediately felt comfortable and at home. The guy gave us a room and we put our stuff down and got settled before heading downstairs to grab some much needed food. We opted for burgers and chips which was very un-Cambodian of us but very “we have been on buses for the last 24 hours so shut up” of us. The people there were so friendly and nice and even though they could only take us for a night they promised to help us find a cheap hotel the next morning.

After having some food we decided it would be best to go have a rest. The lovely people there offered for us to borrow one of their movies from their massive collection and that is exactly what we did. We took the movies upstairs and fell asleep watching them very quickly.

Rosy Guesthouse