Lazy day!

Today we decided to have a bit of a lazy day and just relax a little.

The people at Rosy Guesthouse helped us find another hotel and the people from that hotel came and picked us up in a tuk tuk which was so nice. When we got to the hotel we couldn’t believe our eyes at how beautiful it was. To get there we went down a red dirt road in the middle of nowhere and when we arrived it felt like we went through the gates of heaven. Beautiful green bushes, pretty flowers and cute little garden arches made the scene very cute.

Showing us to our room was another amazement! We entered our 12 dollar a night room and we were truly amazed. So spacious, massive bed, big bathroom and all we could say was wow! We both agreed that we could get very comfortable here and decided that this would be where we would stay for our duration in Siem Reap.

After unpacking and settling in we decided to walk around the streets of Siem Reap. It was beautiful and we were amazed by the people, traffic, shops and food. We found pub street very quickly as it was bustling with tourists and Cambodian’s alike.

Once we had finished walking about and looking at the markets and streets we decided we would have an afternoon drinking. Before going on trip I had mentioned to Daniel that it was my aim to make him vomit at least once and today seemed to be shaping up to be the one.

We began at Temple Bar, ordering 2 dollar cocktails to begin with. After a few of these we decided we wanted to take them up on the offer of buying a jug of cocktails and receiving a free Tshirt. We then went over to the cheekily namedAngkor What Bar for some more drinks. The choice this time was buckets of vodka red bull. By the second one, I knew I had reached my limit and stopped drinking the bucket. I didn’t however, tell Daniel that I had stopped. So as he drunk the whole bucket to himself, he mistakenly believed that we were sharing it all along.

After realising it was probably time for us to go home we opted against a tuk-tuk and decided to walk. At this point Daniel was becoming quite frustrating and as we walked home in the dark