Our First Day in Nha Trang

We arrived in Nha Trang very early this morning and got off the bus very sore and tired. After grabbing our backpacks we made our way down, what seemed to be, the main street to look for some accommodation. We followed the road for a while before going down an alleyway that lonely planet recommended was good for accommodation. After finding most places were full we chose our last option which was a 12 dollar a night hotel that couldn’t take us for an hour or so. In this time we sat at their computer and read reviews on the hotel and to our greatest fear found the reviews to be horrible.

With stories of theft and sexual assault filled our minds we travelled up the stairs when the man was ready for us to go to our room. The room was decent and the man seemed very nice but we were very weary at this point in time and after settling in we decided that we would hire bicycles and ride to the mud spa for the day.

Once we got our bicycles we used the map we had, which wasn’t great, to navigate our way to the mud spa. After going the wrong way for a few kilometers and riding in to what seemed to be becoming the middle of nowhere we regrouped and rode back the right way.

After arriving a little later than expected we bought our tickets for a mud bath and spa and went inside. The place was beautiful with greenery and flowers everywhere but nothing was to prepare us for the funny feeling of bathing in mud. A man filled up our bath, we were lucky to get one all to ourselves, and as soon as we put one foot in it felt so weird! After a while we got used to the feel and began slushing around in it freely. Some Aussies walking past us recommended we washed our faces with it and even our hair so we also did just that! Once we washed in the mud, the next step was to shower and then go in the spa which was nice and warm and relaxing. When we were done, we dried off and made the way back home…

Starving, we found a restaurant in the main street of Nha Trang once we got home. The restaurant was called Something Fishy and we had some awesome burgers as we truly believed it was time for some western food. We then spent the afternoon lazing around and recovering from our big day on very little sleep and had dinner at a restaurant called Truh Lynh and had a really yummy clay pot which was hot as hell! On the way home we got some really delicious ice cream and then watched Funny People as we fell asleep.