Off to Hoi An

Today, at 9am we made our way to Hoi An. Originally we had planned to only go half way and stop at Lang Co on the way for a day or so but our plans changed quickly when we got to the point where they were due to drop us off. We stopped at a tiny little rest stop, nothing and no one in sight and, due to being the only ones that would have to make the trek down the deserted dirt road for who knows how long to actually find Lang Co we decided that the option to continue on in the bus was a good one.

We arrived in Hoi An at around 1pm, driving in to the main part of town and jumping off the bus where the hoards of Vietnamese hotel owners were waiting to give us “the best deal for the best price” in town.

Once we found a hotel we settled in and decided it was time to start getting done what Hoi An was famous for – getting clothes made! Down at reception, we asked the lady if she had any recommendations and she proceeded to take out a folder filled with travelers suggestions and advice on all the clothes makers in Hoi An. Reading the book we felt overwhelmed at how many tailors there were in Hoi An. When we actually started to walk the street though, this tripled within a minute. Literally every shop was either a tailor or a shoe maker, with ladies standing out the front begging for your service.

We decided to go to a place called “Peace” which had received many a good review from not only the travelers in the folder but also from many others we had spoken to along the way. When we got inside we had a quick look around the tiny shop – two tables in the middle, filled with fashion magazines and folders full of pictures of clothes and the rest was filled wall to wall with material. The lady there asked us what kind of clothes we were after and it all just started from there! Daniel decided to get suits and shirts and jackets made while I got dresses and jackets and skirts made. The prices were so unbelievably cheap and amazing considering they were all made to measure!

Needless to say we got a little bit overboard with all the clothes that we chose but this didn’t stop us from going to find more shops after we had left our measurements and designs with “Peace”. We then went to another place called “Mr Xe” where Daniel got some more shirts made and I got some skirts done.

After being truly shopped out we decided to hit the riverfront and ate some lunch at an average restaurant with a great location. We then spent the night walking around the streets of Hoi An, drinking fresh beer for 4,000VND which equates to something ridiculous like 40 cents a beer or something similar and strolled around a little night market feeling quite tipsy. We also had dinner by the riverside and the food was great. We had lots of fun talking shit, drinking good beer and eating great food.