Clothes Crazy!

We woke up this morning with the thought in our mind that we needed to be prepared for a big day ahead. 10am was our first appointment at “Peace” for our first fitting. There were a few adjustments that needed to be made and after this we walked around the streets – had a look at a massive market – and went to our first fitting at Mr Xe’s at 2pm.

After the fittings had finished and the adjustments were being made – I had it in my head that it was time to buy some made to measure shoes – and so off we went! We found a shop called “Everybody’s Fashion” (spelt exactly this way) and I got three pairs made all for around 20-30 dollars – completely made of leather! Daniel also decided he needed more shirts made so we want to another highly rated place call “Kimmy’s” where he got several shirts all for 20 dollars each!

After all our fittings for the afternoon were done we went down to the river for some dinner. We went to a place right opposite the river at the bridge crossing. I can’t remember the name exactly but we stuffed our faces full of food and drunk beer for around $11.00. It is safe to say we slept well that night after a long day of trying on clothes and eating food.