Another day of clothing!

Today we yet again had fittings at 10am, 11am, 3 and 3.30. Between these times we decided to take a few suggestions from the lonely planet guide and check out some of what Hoi An had to offer.

After walking around the town for awhile we decided to have some lunch. The lonely planet guide had suggested a cafe called Cafe 43 so we decided to try it out. Getting there was a bit of a task and it wasnt near the main city. To get there we had to walk through backstreets and past peoples houses but, even though this was sometimes intimidating, we pushed through and made it to the cafe. Even at lunchtime, and it wasnt even peak hour, there was a short line at the little picket fence.

Once we got in and sat down we were very excited to try the food as all over the tables and in the menus there were raving reviews of how great the food, the place and the people were.

When we had decided what we wanted, we found one of the claims to be true – the people were great! So nice and friendly and willing to accommodate.

When our food arrived we found another claim to be true – the food was TO DIE FOR!!!! On our menu was stuffed squid and salted pork and both options were A MAY ZING!! We also order some fried rice but it never arrived and considering we could never have eaten it anyway we didnt really mind and figured it was just a miscommunication. We also had some beer which was fresh on tap and at the end of our meal we left feeling very very happy!!

After our fittings and a swim in the pool we decided we were hooked and had to go back to Cafe 43 for dinner. While I cant remember what we ordered it did not matter because everything we tried was amazing and perfect. Another person served us for dinner this time and she was very cool. She said she recognized us from the afternoon and she kept coming to our table, making conversation and laughing with her.

At the end of the night, and one of the nicest rarest things we had seen in Vietnam, the owner came over to our table. In his broken English, he explained to us that he was very sorry but accidentally charged us for a rice this afternoon but we didnt receive it so he took the cost of the rice of our bill for dinner. Our jaws dropped with amazement because, for anyone who has ever been to Vietnam, and I guess any Asian country, it is common knowledge that ripping tourists off is a common right of passage and for him to not not admit this to us but compensate it just made the place even more amazing than previous!

After more beer and our meal, plus some more food, we left, quite drunk, after chatting and laughing with the waitress and the owner all evening. Daniel and I were both amazed at Cafe 43 and a major part of the reason being, not only the food, but the amazing people there. They were not only hardworking like every Vietnamese person is but they were honest and friendly on top of this – making it a really great experience.