Bike Riding in Hue

Today we decided to hire bikes, for one whole dollar, and ride around the citadel and the lost city of Hue. The ride along the main road of Hue was beautiful and we used a map from the hotel to navigate around. When I say we though, I do mean Daniel, as his main job of the trip was to be the navigator.

So once we got to the area we spent a few hours riding around the citadel, checking out the parks and streets where people lived. After this, we made our way to the lost city. We tentatively locked our bikes at a parking place and paid a small fee to leave it there and we went inside. It was very beautiful and there were temples, buildings and greenery everywhere. We walked around here for a few hours, sweating like crazy and ended with climbing up one of the towers and looking out at the flag tower that was just opposite. Everything was made so beautifully and looking at the buildings you can see how much care and attention went in to building these palaces for the kings.

Later that night, we decided to walk along the river which was such a great decision. We bought trinkets from the many stalls that were set up and ate some ice cream and watched the Vietnamese children laugh and play under the dim lights that lit up the side walk. It was very nice and it was such a nice warm night that it was the perfect way to end our visit to Hue.