Back to Hanoi

After waking up at 7am on the boat, we were excited to see where the day would lead. We packed up our gear, had showers and made our way to the breakfast area.

Upon completing breakfast, we set sail back to Halong Bay City. On the way, we stopped to do some canoeing. We got to canoe through some caves and see cliff walls up close. We meandered through the floating village and since we were close to the floating village we noticed how dirty and polluted the water was. It was sad to see the state of the area but at the same time it was amazing to see the way they lived there and didn’t need anything else. Daniel didn’t think I was the greatest at canoeing. I didn’t think I was too bad but nevertheless he was very helpful.


Once we got back to Halong Bay City we had lunch and hung around for a little while before taking the bus back home to Hanoi. Our plan was to get on a train or bus that night and make our way to Hue. After being told that there were no buses for the next few days, we weighed up our options and decided to catch a night train for the following evening. That night we stayed in an AMAZING hostel that we would recommend to anyone with a friend that we met on the tour – Alex. The place was called “Little Hanoi Hostel” and they were really cheap for quality and they served fresh beer at night for free.

After putting our stuff in the room we went to “Ladybird Restaurant” and had some awesome food before drinking beers out the front of a milk bar with Alex and two other people named Tyler and Alexa that we met on the tour too. Due to the 11pm curfew, things wrapped up around then so after playing random instruments with a few strangers we all made the walk home back to our hostel.