Hanoi – Day Two

Today we thought we would try to do some more touristy things so we grabbed a map from the hotel and decided to search for temples and museums. The walk there was the most interesting, even more than the landmarks themselves. Daniel managed to superbly navigate our way through the back streets of Hanoi, in and out of the embassies and communist areas AKA-Ministry of Defense. Every door and wall was posted with a uniformed guard begging for us to slip up so he could fire his oh so obvious gun attached to his side. When we got to the area we found some things to be closed (saturdays are pretty dead in Vietnam) although we caught glimpses of the War museum, military museum, flag tower, Hanoi Citadel, Fine arts museum and the well known Temple of literature. The last 2 being our heavy favourites, with a superb collection of fine arts and plenty of literature.

After the heavy walking we sat down for lunch about 5km from home at “Cafe 20” where we experienced amazing passion fruit juice and a lovely meal. We taunted with the idea of walking home and with swollen feet and too much pride (on Daniel’s behalf) we then made the lengthy trek home in the heat.

When we got home it was nap time, just a short few hours of resting our eye lids before we decided it was time to tackle the night market…the market was MASSIVE!!!!!! It was overwhelming in length and covered about 3km of roads and streets with side stalls and tents in the middle of the road all filled with the same shit that we could not get enough of. The streets were packed with stall owners grabbing you and wanting your money. As well as this, kids, men and women packed the roads and it was almost impossible to move. Walking the market streets however was amazing fun and our faces lit up every time we saw a new Vietnamese gadget that we had yet witnessed. The most exciting however, was the millions of people everywhere and the hussle and bussle of the whole event.